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Bella Hadid

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Bella Hadid was born as Isabella Khair Hadid. She is an actress, known for Victoria's Secret Fashion Show (2016), Model Moms (2017) and LFW Spring/Summer '16 (2015).  See full bio on IMDb »
Bella Hadid Shows Off Hot Tennis Outfit, Big Racket at French Open

Bella Hadid
Makes a Big Racket
At The French Open

Bella Hadid had the right sized uniform, but oversized equipment, as she took in some French Open action. Bella rocked a miniskirt in her tight white Nike tennis outfit Saturday at Roland Garros… READ MORE >
Bella Hadid Jumps Off Yacht, Hangs with Lewis Hamilton (PHOTO GALLERY)

Bella Hadid
Jumping-Off Point
... Hangs with F1 Driver Lewis Hamilton

Bella Hadid knows how to make a splash ... it just helps when she's got a luxury yacht to jump from. The supermodel showed off her figure in a thong bikini Monday while relaxing with British… READ MORE >
- 19 days ago
Bella Hadid Nearly Naked, 'Cause She Cannes (PHOTOS)

Bella Hadid
Nearly Naked
'Cause She Cannes

Bella Hadid hit up a huge Cannes fundraiser in an outfit that definitely raised ... spirits. And other stuff, we're sure. Bella and her beaded, see-through gown made a ridiculously head-turning… READ MORE >
- 22 days ago
Bella Hadid Chills on a Yacht in Cannes in Tiny White Bikini (PHOTO GALLERY)

Bella Hadid
Adjusts to the Yacht Life

Bella Hadid's used to the high life, but even she had to make a few minor adjustments while cruising around on a baller yacht in France. The supermodel got some sun and enjoyed a smoke Saturday in… READ MORE >
- 28 days ago
Kendall Jenner, Hailey Baldwin and Bella Hadid Sharing Jet Ski on Vacation (PHOTO GALLERY)

Kendall, Hailey, Bella
Park Your Asses Here!!!

Kendall Jenner, Hailey Baldwin, Bella Hadid and a bunch of their model friends are all into sharing ... jet skis in their bikinis ... but you won't be able to find them. Kendall and the gang… READ MORE >
- 38 days ago
Kendall Jenner, A$AP Rocky Are Sooo Intimate with Bella Hadid (PHOTO GALLERY)

Kendall Jenner & A$AP Rocky
Intimate & Friendly with Bella Hadid

Kendall Jenner slipped in between A$AP Rocky's legs at the Met Gala, and she brought a friend. Bella Hadid got as up close and personal with Kendall and Rocky as legally possible… READ MORE >
- 45 days ago
Bella Hadid Chills Poolside in Miami with No Worries of Fyre Festival Fiasco (PHOTO GALLERY)

Bella Hadid
Not Feeling the Fyre ...
Chills Poolside in Miami

Bella Hadid isn't letting the Fyre Festival fiasco ruin her good time ... she seems to be doing just fine by the pool in Miami. The model got her tan on with some gal pals Friday afternoon ...… READ MORE >
- 49 days ago
Bella Hadid Sweats Out a Few Rounds of Boxing (PHOTOS)

Bella Hadid
Puts 'Em Up in the Ring ...
Mind the Face!

Bella Hadid will beat your ass in the ring, but you'd probably enjoy it. The model slipped on the mitts in NYC for a boxing workout with a trainer. This was no photo shoot ... Bella looked serious… READ MORE >
- 68 days ago
Bella Hadid Enjoys Mimosas with Bikini-Clad Friends on Cabo Vacation (PHOTO GALLERY)

Bella Hadid
Hot in Cabo ...
More Mimosas Please!!

Bella Hadid's got champagne problems ... as in, someone get this woman a refill. Bella and a few friends showed off their rocking bikini bods while sipping mimosas and enjoying a sunny day in Cabo… READ MORE >
- 74 days ago
Kendall Jenner, Bella and Gigi Hadid Prove Modeling Really Is Rocket Science (VIDEO + PHOTO GALLERY)

Kendall, Bella & Gigi
Modeling IS Rocket Science!
On Chanel's Runway

Kendall Jenner, Bella and Gigi Hadid just proved modeling does require some brains -- or at least planning a modeling show with a rocket launch does. The 3 of 'em were in Paris this week… READ MORE >
- 102 days ago

Bella Hadid

Bella Hadid

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